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 KARE Intergenerational Center

Families caring for children born to others have unique challenges.  If you are a family member raising grandchildren, nieces or nephews, cousins or other relatives, or a child/family member under 18 not born to you, the Golden Gate KARE Center can help.  Services are provided in both English and Spanish.

The Golden Gate KARE Center provides:

  • Information and resource referrals for grandparents, relatives, kin foster care providers and adoptive families.
  • Legal resource information to help you make the best plans for the children. Assistance for families wishing to obtain guardianship through the juvenile and probate courts.
  • Support groups, respite events and educational opportunities for grandparents and relatives caring for children.
  • Help in completing benefit applications such as TANF, AHCCCS and Food Stamps.
  • Advocacy for caregivers and children in school, court systems, health care and mental health agencies, benefits programs, Child Protective Services, etc.
Contact Joanna M. Prusa at 602.233.0017, ext. 2329 or e-mail JPrusa@ArizonasChildren.org for information about KARE Center Services.

To view the KARE Calendar of Events for Maricopa County, click here.

For more information, please visit www.arizonakinship.org.




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